• April 1st, 2018

Presenting Cache


Some time has passed since ETHDenver kicked off at a sprawling, 45,330 square foot multi-level industrial space by the name of the Denver Sports Castle.

The “Sports Castle” was a fitting location – providing a wide open, utilitarian ‘concrete and old carpet’ space. For ETHDenver, the place was flush with folding tables and humans – retrofitted to the brim with various technology to aid both communication and creation.

The magnitude of ETHDenver dwarfs my prior hackathon experiences. The people, the energy, the ideas, the coordination, the openness, the optimism. The physical resources were also tremendous. Food, caffeine, t-shirts, stickers. Hardware wallets. We had more than enough to sustain us for 36 hours of hacking. ETH had recently hit an absurd all-time high of around ~$1400, and so that may have had something to do with the fantastic resources.

ETHDenver Staff


ETHDenver was the optimal spacetime to kick off design and development of Cache. Roscoe and I wasted no time getting down to work. We were amped up to implement our idea: A cyberpunk cryptocurrency trading game based on the classic Drugwars.

See more about Cache and the back story in the slideshow, or check out a video of our final presentation delivered on the main stage.

Team Cache at Work

When we weren’t working – things inspired us to keep going. We hung out with some of the dozens of teams working on projects. We found a dark subterranean bar that had arcade games (TRON!), and DJs. I did sleep… a few hours total, but always possessed by the sense there was more to do.


CryptoKitties Team

After about 28 hours of game development – we began the hard work of developing our pitch. At the end, we were grateful to have our ideas congeal enough to give it a go.

We are grateful that Cache was well received enough to win an overall award. Maybe it was playing a quick game of Metal Slug on the Nintendo Switch before delivering the pitch that helped us relax, but really, it was probably the fact Roscoe spent the last six hours working on concepts and artwork.

Rhys Lindmark

Waiting to Present

What’s Next

We are excited that the game was so well-received. Our aim is ultimately to create a universe for the Ethereum and cryptocurrency community to interact and explore. We are happy with the progress we made at ETHDenver, but the work has just begun.

ETHDenver really was the optimal place and time to start building the Cache universe. We expect to be back next year, with an aim to give something back.

A demo with Team CryptoKitties

Special thanks to Lane Rettig for his recap, as well as a mention in his ETHDenver post.

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